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Super Friction Fighter

Instructions for use

How much oil does one bottle of Super Friction Fighter treat?

One bottle of “dry” Super Friction Fighter is meant to treat an oil capacity of 4-5 quarts. If your engine holds 8-12 quarts of crank case oil than use 1.5-2.0 bottles of Super Friction Fighter.

 When installing more than one quart of treated oil I would make the treated oil the 2nd, and 3rd quart of oil in the re-insulation.


1.) Empty the contents of one (1) bottle in to a quart of motor oil, and shake it VIGOROUSLY for one minuet, or until all the material from the bottle of SUPER FRICTION FIGHTER (engine oil additive) is equally distributed in that quart of oil.

* To know the proper number of quarts of crank case oil for your particular vehicle you may need to check with the manufacture, a professional mechanic, or the appropriate work shop manual for your vehicle.

2.) It’s my experience that the first quart of oil kind of wets the oil filler tube allowing the maximum amount of the Super Friction Fighter to “slide” down the oil filler tube. The remaining 2 to 3 quarts of oil help “wash” any of the suspended Super Friction Fighter down the filler tube.

3.) After insulation / refilling the crank case with the proper volume of oil (number of quarts) it’s recommended that you then start up the vehicle and run the motor (preferably drive the vehicle) for a 10-15 minuet period. This amount of “run time” helps to assure that the Super Friction Fighter is equally distributed through out ALL oil in the crank case, and has ALREADY started working.

4.) After the original 10-15 minuet run period (just after insulation) continue to drive your vehicle as you have and would normally.

FREE shipping for 1-50 treatments !!

We would recommend that when refilling an engine with a 4 to5 quart capacity (4 quarts of oil would normally be an oil change with out a new oil filter, and a 5 quart re-fill would normally be with the changing of the oil filter) that you install the treated quart of oil as the second or third quart of oil installed.

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