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Can't charge more for your freight deliveries? 

Fuel cost not going down? 

Why not look into doing what a lot of the majors are doing. 


With the cost of fuel, and the over all cost of engine maintenance rising it only makes sense to use some kind of friction reduction compound to help stave off the rising cost of fuel, potential downtime, and those associated cost while also helping  the bottom line. 

In a most recent conversation with the corporate fleet manager ( he's in charge of a fleet in the 1,000 tractor range) He made some interesting statements. It had been his experience that the leader in research of fuel economy has been Wall Mart. And apparently one the conclusions, (according to him)  that Wall Mart has come to is that (after having done tire pressure, and tire compound studies for mileage) the next issue they were (and have been checking) is the ability to reduce the internal friction of the engine it's self. 

According to this fleet manager, when driving an average of 100,000 miles a year it was stated that a mileage increase of just 1/10th of 1% (one tenth of one percent) can save approximately $800.00 a year in per tractor in fuel cost.

With an average oil change being about every 25 thousand miles this means that for about  $100.00 for a years worth of Super friction fighter, an owner operator (or fleet manager) might not only save maintenance on your truck, but may also be able to save a fair amount of  money on the fuel bill, and that always helps out the bottom line.

Please Read this 2/3/08 e-mail from Larry J. in South .Dakota. about the product

I had put your molly in the gear boxes on my logging truck a few weeks ago. Yesterday I took it in for a lube service and they found the front differential low. They added 18 quarts, it only holds 19 quarts. I have no Idea how long it was this low but I know it was full when I added the molly. It turned out I had a rear thru shaft seal out and with all the mud, slush and muck I operate in this time of year it was not noticed. I got home from the shop and pulled the drain plug because I run synthetic and they didn't put that in. I found very minimal filings on the plug. I feel it may have saved me a $4500 rear end. I'm sold.

NOTE*                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Apparently a LOT of the friction in a Big Rig is in the drive line, and not just the engine. Because of this we would recommend that you also look at a (one time) installation of Super Friction Fighter in to the differential (or differentials) and the manual transmission. Like I said, it's a ONE time deal, and could make a big difference not only in the ware on your rig, but will defiantly give you the BEST shot at some saving fuel. 

 Engine Oil treatments

One, 40 quart treatment of Super Friction Fighter is........................... $25.00. Shipping is free. 

Two, 40 quart treatments of Super Friction Fighter are........................$40.00 Shipping is free.

Transmission oil, and differential oil treatments

One 3-4 gallon transmission, or differential oil treatment is.................$20.00. Shipping is free.

Three, 3-4 gallon transmission, or differential oil treatment are...........$55.00. Shipping is free.

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15% discount for all orders of more than 2, 40 (forty) quart treatments.